Edition 1 - Presenting      
(In Partnership with Harlesden High Street) 

Byzantia Harlow

Take What Resonates 

09/09/21 - 08/10/21 @ Harlesden High School,108 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AF

Take What Resonates chronicles an insatiable search for answers and documents a year-long process of self-discovery. A year of worldwide change also saw an introspective journey in which psychic readings relating to a confusing romantic connection were received and an attempt to understand them was made.

Byzantia Harlow's passage began as a curiosity, which turned into a compulsive desire to understand the seemingly unknowable. As she oscillated between believer and skeptic, tapping into her own psychic abilities then questioning whether it was all an illusion. The artist's final realisation was that all the answers she was seeking could be found within herself.

The final exhibition is a memoir to apparently unrequited love, as well as a testament to the power of faith, hope and belief. Still unsure how the story ends, the artist believes ‘the best way to predict the future is to create the future’…

Research for the show included a voyage into the depths of the YouTube Tarot community which offers general pick-a-card readings that function as sticky sweet traps for the heartbroken, sucked into the looping digital crystal ball, exchanging one obsession for another.

All of the psychic predictions from the readers that came to pass or felt accurate at the time form the soundscape to the show, Take What Resonates. An ethereal crop circle installation, drawing on the Five Elements and Six Senses, surrounds sculptural works. Ceramics based on paranormal research, themes of transformation, the history of Magick and Jung's understanding of the Alchemical container as a space for development of the psyche.

A Wheel of Fortune activation on roller-skates will take place on 22nd September. This marks the Autumn Equinox and will reference themes of balance, past life Karmic cycles and Fate against Free Will. On the 18th September Byzantia will conduct free psychic readings from within the installation, using a tarot deck and runes that she created herself.

With special thanks to all the psychic readers who have helped Byzantia in her journey thus far; artist Rebecca Molloy and actor Sammy James Britten for their involvement in the Wheel of Fortune activation; artists Thou Alone and Andree Martis for creating an audio work each for the exhibition soundscape; Sova Audio for providing speakers and Hills of Devon for their assistance sourcing crops.

Presented by AM-POP, Curated by James Ambrose

Private View: Thursday 9th September 6-9pm

Exhibition open to the general public from the 10th September - 08th October

Times: Wednesday - Saturday: 12am - 5pm